Do You Need to Modify Your Air Permit?

If your facility is planning to add any new process equipment or make changes to existing process equipment, you may first need approval from your State Regulatory Authority. Depending on the conditions of your Air Quality Permit and the magnitude of the proposed modifications, you may be required to submit an air permit application to the State to modify your air permit. In most states, a final air permit for the modification must be issued before you start construction.

Conversion Technology Inc. (CTI) can conduct an Air Permit Evaluation for your facility to determine whether or not an air permit application is required for your proposed modification. If it is determined that an air permit application is required, CTI can prepare the application to be submitted to the State. If it is determined that an air permit application is not required, CTI can also prepare any required documents to be submitted to the State as applicable.

It is important to make sure that any new equipment or modifications to existing equipment are properly approved by the State before construction. Even minor changes that may seem insignificant may require State approval. Any new equipment or modifications that are made without prior approval may result in enforcement actions and potential fines.

Examples of modifications that may require an air permit application are as follows:

  • Adding, modifying, or replacing process equipment/emission units.
  • Adding, modifying, or replacing air pollution control devices.
  • Changing the size or configuration of an existing process unit that could potentially affect pollutant emission rates or emission characteristics.
  • Changing the burner in existing combustion equipment.
  • Changing fuel sources in existing combustion equipment.
  • Significantly increasing throughout that exceeds any permitted limits.
  • Adding new process materials or chemicals that could result in emissions of new pollutants or an increase in emissions of existing pollutants.

CTI has decades of experience working with facilities and state agencies on air quality compliance. For more information on Air Permit Evaluations or if you have any questions about your Air Permit, please contact us at (770) 263-6330 or

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