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Combustible Dust Hazards and Abatement Techniques in Feed and Grain Facilities – GEAPS Exchange 2022

Robovent Presents: Identifying Combustible Dust with Alysha Yinger & Adam Haroz – March 10, 2021 Filter That Podcast

2020 VPPPA Region IV Safety & Health Excellence Conference (10/2020)

Webinar: Combustible Dust Hazards and NFPA Compliance for Storage Tanks – October 15, 2020; Hosted by CTI, CST and Fike

Combustible Dust Webinar for the COCHMM Conference (09/2020)

Combustible Dust: How to Avoid a Dust Explosion (06/2020)


Explosive Dust NFPA Safety Standard Is Coming; Are Employers Ready?

CD_Webinar_0316NFPA 652 – The New Standard for Combustible Dust (On Demand)


Assessing the Future; Robot & Equipment Risk Assessment Requirements and Methodologies – Presented at the Region VI VPPPA Conference 2019

Combustible Dust Hazard Analysis and NFPA Standards – Presented at the Region VI VPPPA Conference 2019

Combustible Dust – 2012 Region IV VPPPA Conference

“But it came that way -The Roles, Responsibilities, and Accountability of Machine Guarding” (teaser)

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CTI’s Products and Services Brochures

Conversion Technology Inc. offers a variety of EHS consulting services. Please click on the publications below to view more detailed information on some of our products in PDF format. These are the printed materials that you may have received through the mail. You can open the pdf files directly in your browser by clicking on the link or save them to your harddrive by right clicking on the link and “selecting save target as”. Some of the brochures are large downloads and may take some time to open or download.

CTI_Brochure_2016CTI Full Services Brochure

CTI_Safety_2019CTI Safety Services Brochure

IHBrochure_2016Industrial Hygiene

PSMBrochure_2016Process Safety

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Several trade publications have recently printed articles discussing important environmental and safety issues written by our engineers. Click below to review these articles in either pdf or html formats:


ISHN-06/07/2020IHSN 06/07/2020

Facility Safety-June 2020Facility Safety-June 2020

Biomass Magazine-05/26/2020Biomass Magazine-05/26/2020


PMM 2019 Jul/AugPellet Mill Magazine Jul/Aug 2019


CHE_0516[1]Chemical Engineering, May 2016

Waste Advantage April 2016Waste Advantage April 2016

SafelyMade_0116_Page_1Safely Made January 2016


Waste Advantage August 2015Waste Advantage August 2015

Wisconsin Agri-Business News Quarterly Q3 2015Wisconsin Agri-Business News Quarterly Q3 2015


The Leader Summer 2012 Vol 21 Iss 3The Leader, Summer 2012, Vol. 21 Issue 3

Safely Made Vol 3 Num 1 August 2011Safely Made Vol. 3 Num. 1, August 2011

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CTI’s Environmental, Safety and Health newsletter is your source for upcoming news that directly affects your facility. Watch this space for issues of our newsletter:
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