CTI is your partner in compliance. Serving our clients since 1986.

  • Miss the 9/7/2020 Combustible Dust NFPA deadline?

    Combustible dust can pose a major hazard to facilities. Our engineers can help you assess and mitigate those hazards, so your employees and processes are safe and your facility is in compliance with the 7/7/20 deadline.

    Combustible Dust Consulting Services

  • OSHA Compliance

    Does your company need to comply with OSHA regulations?

    Keeping a safe work environment isn’t just smart, it’s the law. OSHA requires all workplaces to be free from hazards. If you had an OSHA inspection tomorrow, how would your company do?

    OSHA Compliance Consulting Services

  • Environmental Regulations

    Does your company need to comply with EPA regulations?

    For over 33 years, CTI has helped companies reduce environmental footprints without sacrificing productivity and efficiency. From land, to air, to water, our engineers can help your company.

    Environmental Consulting Services

  • Does your company comply with Process Safety Management?

    CTI has decades of experience assisting facilities identify and manage the hazards associated with highly hazardous chemicals and comply with OSHA PSM and EPA RMP regulations.

    Process Safety Consulting Services