Come say hello to Adam Haroz, one of CTI’s Engineering Managers, as he will be speaking at this year’s Region IV VPPPA Conference in Chattanooga, TN on June 19th.

Adam Haroz will be discussing how the regulations governing industrial machinery have shifted the need for conducting risk assessments on robotic systems from a good practice to now a mandatory requirement. The discussion will emphasize the benefits of conducting an on-site risk assessment. It will also highlight the need to identify the hazards and assess the potential risks associated with robot operations when selecting and designing safeguarding measures. He will review the methodology for conducting a risk assessment for different robotic systems, as well as other industrial equipment, how to assess the adequacy of current safeguards, and methods for determining the risk reduction measures required.

The Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) is designed to encourage cooperative efforts between employees, management and OSHA for the purpose of improving workplace safety and health. The VPP concept recognizes that workplace safety and health can be enforced in a compliance atmosphere and can be enhanced in a cooperative atmosphere. OSHA recognizes and partners with worksites that demonstrate excellence in Safety and Health.

Region IV VPPPA is the region that serves the eight Southeast states. (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee)

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Building on its 30+ year legacy as a leading environmental and safety engineering firm, CTI (Conversion Technology Inc.) is proud to announce we will co-host an educational seminar on the ever-growing topic of combustible dust hazards with CST Industries, IEP Technologies, and The Tennant Company. Continue reading “Four Industry Leading Companies Co-Host an Educational Seminar on Combustible Dust Hazards”

Norcross, GA – Building on its 30+ year legacy as a leading environmental and safety engineering firm, CTI (Conversion Technology, Inc.) announces a new and exciting strategic partnership with industrial safety solutions manufacturer, Fike and the world’s leading bolted steel tank, silo and aluminum dome manufacturer, CST Industries.

CTI’s partnership with Fike and CST will provide the ultimate comprehensive dust explosion solutions for compliance with the new regulation for Combustible Dust, NFPA 652. The regulation covers a wide range of types of combustible dust used in many application areas across just about all the major industrial and agricultural markets. Continue reading “CTI, Fike and CST Join Forces to Address Combustible Dust and NFPA 652 Regulations”

Conversion Technology Inc. (CTI) is celebrating its 30th year of business. For the last 30 years, CTI has been assisting our clients across the United States achieve environmental and safety compliance.
CTI began its existence as a firm that designed systems for the conversion of waste material to energy and other useful by-products. We completed the design and installation of a system that was fueled by cotton seed husks and was able to generate the energy required for the drying of raw cotton. This system converted the cotton waste to energy. This style of energy conversion was the origin of the name “Conversion Technology Inc.”

Continue reading “A Word From the Founder”

Adam Haroz, EIT

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is getting more stringent, both with regulations and enforcement, on machine guarding violations. They are targeting industries with higher risks of potential injuries from machinery. Despite this move by OSHA towards greater expectations from industry, there is still a large cultural gap between employers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) regarding who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the machinery is guarded in compliance with OSHA regulations. Continue reading ““But It Came That Way”: The Roles, Responsibilities, and Accountability of Machine Guarding”

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