Are You in Compliance with Your Air Permit?

If your facility is operating under a state-issued Air Permit, then there are a number of permit requirements you must meet in order to stay in compliance. Permit requirements can consist of emission/operating limits, testing, monitoring, reporting, and recordkeeping as well as a long list of general provisions. Whether you have a Minor Source Permit, Synthetic Minor/Conditional Major Source Permit, or a Title V Major Source Permit, your permit will contain a combination of, if not all, these requirements.

If your facility has an Air Permit, there is always a possibility for your state agency to conduct an onsite inspection, sometimes unannounced, at any time. It is best to be prepared for an inspection to avoid any violations and potential fines.

Conversion Technology Inc. (CTI) offers Air Quality Compliance Evaluations to assist you in making sure your facility is in compliance with every aspect of your Air Permit. By conducting an Air Quality Compliance Evaluation, CTI can determine whether your facility is:

  • Meeting all applicable operating/emissions limits;
  • Conducting all applicable tests;
  • Submitting all required reports;
  • Maintaining all required records; and
  • Appropriately accounting for all emission units/sources in the Air Permit.

The Air Quality Compliance Evaluation will outline every permit condition, identify any gaps in compliance, and provide recommendations for compliance. In addition, CTI can help you determine whether any upcoming projects will require any permitting action such as a permit modification. Our evaluation will cover all the topics that a state agency inspection would cover in order to help you stay prepared. Whatever your facility may need to be in compliance, CTI can assist.

CTI has decades of experience working with facilities and state agencies on air quality compliance. For more information on Air Quality Compliance Evaluations or if you have any questions about your Air Permit, please contact us at (770) 263-6330 or

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