OSHA Compliance Audits & Mock OSHA Inspections

OSHA compliance audits are designed to evaluate compliance with applicable safety and health regulations and assist you in achieving a high level of regulatory compliance. Our role is to come in and identify potential hazards and unsafe work practices in the workplace, determine any regulatory non-compliance, and develop a corrective action plan along with recommendations on how to abate the identified deficiencies. Our OSHA compliance audits will include a thorough review of your operations, safety programs, training regimen, and records to ensure that the facility is fully in conformance with applicable OSHA standards. Upon completion of an OSHA compliance audit, you will receive a report identifying corrective actions and recommendations that should be implemented to comply with OSHA regulations.

What is a Mock OSHA Inspection?

A mock OSHA inspection is designed to simulate an on-site OSHA inspection. For these inspections, we will walk through the facility to identify any potential hazards, such as:

  • Missing punch-outs on electrical fixtures;
  • Eyewash stations and fire extinguishers not being inspected or tested;
  • Blocked emergency exits or egress routes;
  • Improper PPE usage;
  • Missing signage or notifications;
  • Improperly stocked first-aid kits;
  • Insufficient or missing machine guarding;
  • Improper ladder safety systems; and
  • Countless other safety hazards

A detailed report listing the findings and recommended abatement measures will be provided with each mock OSHA inspection. CTI can aid a facility by coming in with fresh eyes, and an extensive background in safety regulations & requirements and a deep understanding of manufacturing processes, to shine a light on any deficiencies. We can help prioritize where resources should be allocated for abatement. All of CTI’s findings and inspection reports are kept confidential and are for internal use by CTI and your facility ONLY.


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