Machine Guarding Risk Assessment and Evaluation

Conversion Technology Inc. employs a knowledgeable staff of mechanical engineers, machine designers, and industry specialists with backgrounds in overall machine specification along with a working knowledge of OSHA regulations and machine guarding requirements. With these skills and backgrounds, CTI is able to come to your facility and conduct a walkthrough risk analysis of the equipment and process lines at the facility. From the walkthrough, we will determine and identify gaps in machine guarding that could be unsafe to employees or non-compliant with OSHA regulations. CTI will analyze the potential risks posed to employees from each piece of machinery and process and determine if they satisfy the OSHA requirements for guarding. Should any gaps be noticed during the risk assessment, CTI will detail what the gaps are, the potential level of risk posed to employees, and remediation techniques that can be installed and easily implemented throughout the facility.

CTI is able to work with facility maintenance personnel or 3rd party machine contractors to design safe and compliant machine guarding that is suitable for the equipment and culture present at your facility. See below for some before & after photos of recent machine guard design projects.

CTI has worked as an Expert Witness on machine guarding-related injury and subsequent OSHA citations on behalf of our clients and their legal representation.

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