Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments

The purpose of Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments is to assess past and present land use practices, site operations and conditions, and to identify the potential presence of hazardous substances and soil and/or groundwater contaminants on site.

CTI has conducted Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for properties and facilities in a variety of industries in dozens of states. Many of these Phase I assessments involved sites with industrial activity and contaminated sites requiring expert environmental knowledge to properly assess the site. CTI’s environmental site assessments are conducted and prepared in conformance with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) practice E1527-13 and with 40 CFR Part 312 Standards and Practices for All Appropriate Inquiries.

Our assessments are more than just reports and checklists completed by junior personnel. We provide our clients with detailed information on the environmental status of the facility or property so that rational judgments can be made by potential buyers as to the environmental risks that are inherent in any loan and property procurement. The assessments involve records reviews, site inspections, and interviews with owners and occupants. Neighboring properties are also closely examined to ensure that there is no potential for contamination migrating from off-site. If contamination is detected, then it is beneficial to consider conducting a Phase II Environmental Assessment once the Phase I is completed. The Phase II assessment can include soil, groundwater, or other types of sampling and laboratory analysis to determine if contamination is present.

Phase I Services

  • Perform visual assessment of property including photo documentation
  • Review of chain-of-title information
  • Review of historical records
  • Review of public records
  • Examination of neighboring properties
  • Interview of Site Occupants and Owner
  • Perform environmental risk assessment of properties within ASTM radii

Phase II Services (if warranted)

  • Surface and/or subsurface sampling
  • Verification of the existence/absence of contamination
  • Environmental laboratory analysis of samples
  • Documentation of assessment conditions
  • Recommendation of remediation, if warranted


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