TRI Reporting: Is Your Facility Required to Report?

One environmental reporting requirement that is often overlooked, but enforced regularly by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state environmental agencies, is Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reporting under Section 313 of the Superfund Amendments and Recovery Act (SARA).

If your facility processes or manufactures any toxic chemicals, listed by the EPA for reporting under Section 313, in quantities greater than 25,000 pounds for most chemicals, with much lower thresholds for extremely harmful chemicals like lead and dioxin, your facility is required to submit a TRI report to the EPA and State Emergency Response Committee (SERC) by July 1st each year. Additionally, if your facility “otherwise uses” (i.e. uses chemicals that are not intended to stay in the final product like xylene and toluene in paint or ammonia in many products) in amounts over 10,000 pounds, your facility is required to report under SARA Section 313.

It is important to know that usage of reportable chemicals is not just for the pure forms of the chemicals. Facilities are also required to report usage of these chemicals when they are part of a mixture, such as paint, metals, solvents, etc.

If you would like assistance determining whether or not your facility is required to report under the SARA Section 313 requirements, or need assistance completing the reports, please contact us today; we can help.

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