Georgia Set To Release New General Stormwater Permit in 2022

With the release of the EPA’s 2021 Stormwater Multisector General Permit (MSGP), the GA EPD, like many other states, is planning to adopt significant changes from the 2021 EPA MSGP to their Industrial General Permit (IGP) in May of 2022. These changes will apply to most if not all industry sectors covered under the current 2017 IGP. The EPD has confirmed the following as the “most significant changes” that have been added to the draft permit:

  • Additional quarterly stormwater monitoring requirements (pH, TSS, COD)
  • Introduce stormwater monitoring for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) for stormwater discharges associated with paved surfaces
  • E-reporting or Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report submittal requirements
  • SWPPP submitted along with the NOI to GEOS
  • Rotational monitoring for substantially identical outfalls

CTI is on the Stakeholder list and will be reviewing the draft permit as soon as it is released. We expect to see several additional changes to the permit outside of the list above provided by the EPD, so stay tuned for future updates and regarding the release of the EPD’s 2022 IGP and how these changes can affect your facility.

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