Georgia EPD Increases Air Permit Fees

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GAEPD) have issued a draft of the “Air Permit Application & Annual Permit Fees” manual and associated proposed rules update. The fees manual is released annually detailing application fees, annual permit fees, and procedures for calculating the fees and emissions for facilities. With this change, the annual air permit fees will increase effective July 1, 2020 and will apply to the fees due on September 1, 2020. Additionally, the fees for air permit applications will increase effective March 1, 2021. This proposed change is still open for comment. The GAEPD held an online public meeting on Monday, March 30, 2020 at 2:00 pm. There were no comments received during the meeting. Written comments can still be submitted, but must be received by 4:30 PM on Monday, April 6, 2020. The proposed updates will then be voted on at the Board of Natural Resources meeting on May 19, 2020.

The annual fees will increase by $500 for NSPS Sources and Synthetic Minor Source Permits. For Title V sources, there will now be an $800 Annual Maintenance Fee, in addition to the $35.50/ton fee. With this maintenance fee, the minimum Title V fee will now be $5,300.

The GAEPD is proposing that all application fees will double beginning March 1, 2021. These change in fees are detailed in the following table:

Permit Type Application Fees
Minor Source Permit or Amendment $250/$500
Synthetic Minor Source Permit or Amendment $1,000/$2,000
Generic (Minor or Synthetic Minor) Permit $0
Major Source Permit or Amendment (but not subject to PSD, NSR or 112(g)) $2,000/$4,000
Name / Ownership Change $250/$500
Permit-by-Rule $250/$500
Title V 502(b)(10) Permit Amendment $2,000/$4,000
Title V Minor Modification with Construction $2,000/$4,000
Title V Minor Modification without Construction $2,000/$4,000
Title V Significant Modification with Construction $2,000/$4,000
Title V Significant Modification without Construction $2,000/$4,000
Title V Renewal $0
Off-Permit Change Request $0
PSD Permit per 391-3-1-.02(7) $7,500/$15,000
Nonattainment New Source Review Permit per 391-3-1-.03(8)(c) $7,500/$15,000
112(g) Permit per 391-3-1-.02(9)(b)16. $7,500/$15,000
No Permit Required Exemption $0

The annual fees increase, effective July 1, 2020, is shown in the following table:

Permit Type Annual Fees
True Minor Source Permit $0
NSPS Sources $1,500/$2,000
Synthetic Minor Source Permit $1,700/$2,200
Title V / Part 70 Source Permit $37.34/ ton for coal-fired EGU
$35.50/ ton for all other sources
Minimum of $4,500
Title V / Part 70 Source Permit –
Annual Maintenance Fee

The methods and procedures to calculate emissions and their associated fees does not have any proposed changes.

If your facility is planning any projects that will increase air pollutant emissions, thus requiring an Air Quality Permit Application, we recommend that you complete and submit the application before March 1, 2021 to avoid the doubling application costs. Furthermore, we want to reiterate that the annual permit fees will be increased effective July 1, 2020, which will impact the air emission fees from the 2019 calendar year. Therefore, your facility needs to be aware and prepared for the increased costs, which are due on or before September 1, 2020.

Conversion Technology Inc. (CTI) has decades of experience in air compliance with the Georgia EPD. We will continue to monitor the status of proposed air permit fee manual and provide updates as necessary. If you need help in maintaining compliance with any air compliance standards, please contact us at (770) 263-6330 or

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