Smoke and Dye Test for Permittees under the Georgia Storm Water Permit

Permittees under the Georgia Industrial Storm Water General Permit must Document If there  are any floor drains in the production area and/or sinks that are not in the bathroom, kitchen, breakroom, etc. If any of these are present at the facility, an evaluation is required.

The evaluation includes:
• Locating potential connections to your storm water system.
• Verification that floor drains and connections go to municipal sewer.

The above needs to be verified from as-built drawings and/or by conducting a smoke and dye test at least once during the term of the permit. The smoke and dye test must be conducted to evaluate for the presence of non-storm water discharges into the storm sewer system from all floor drains, and from all sinks in industrial areas excluding eyewash stations that were installed prior to 1/1/2006.


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