Boiler MACT Compliance Implementation


Check our site to see if Boiler MACT or Boiler Area Source is applicable to your facility.

The January 31, 2016 Boiler MACT deadline is rapidly approaching. You must be in compliance with the applicable requirements of the Boiler MACT rule by this deadline.

Most of you have completed the Energy Assessment and Tune-Up of your boilers as required by the Boiler MACT rule. However, the Energy Assessment and Tune-Up requirement is a small and relatively easy, part of the Boiler MACT rule. More actions are required for your facility to be in compliance with the rule such as:

  1. Selection of Pollution Control System to meet the emission limit in the most feasible way;
  2. Provide the required testing plan and testing;
  3. Prepare the required recordkeeping system;
  4. Selection of the required Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS);
  5. Selection of the required Data Acquisition System (DAS);
  6. Determination that the fuel meets the Legitimacy Criteria;
  7. Update procedures for startup and shutdown, and more.

CTI has a team of Boiler MACT experts that can help ensure full compliance with the rule by the approaching deadline. We have been working with boilers for over 30 years and our engineers have a combined experience of over 100 years. We can identify the emission limits that apply to you and provide efficient and economic solutions to achieve compliance. We saved one client over $1,200,000 in Boiler MACT compliance expenses with our solutions.

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