Career Development

Paths to Career Growth

CTI professionals consist of engineers, scientists, and technicians with varying degrees of expertise in environmental and safety topics. Entry level positions include Project Engineers, Project Scientists, and Technical Services Specialists. Based on individuals’ level of knowledge and competency, employees are promoted to Environmental Engineers, Safety Engineers, and Environmental Scientists. When employees have demonstrated a high level of expertise in their field, they are promoted to Senior Engineers and Senior Scientist.

Employees that demonstrate expertise in their field, excellent leadership qualities, and are proficient in client management are groomed for Engineering Managers. CTI has three primary departments – Environmental, Occupational Safety, and Process Safety.  Each primary department has a head manager, and as CTI grows, sub-department managers will be established.  The Department Managers, along with the Director of Engineering and President of CTI are involved in all strategic decisions related to the operation and growth of CTI.

Employee Education

CTI provides both internal and external training. We have developed internal training modules to address specific environmental and safety topics, ranging in lever from basic to complex.  Senior level employees provide hands-on, one-on-one mentoring to professionals in earlier stages of their careers.  In addition, we offer company sponsored training and classes though world-class organizations such as Georgia Tech, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).  Employees are also encouraged to seek out training opportunities that personally interest them, and CTI will sponsor one approved, 1-2 day course a year for each employee.

Associations and Professional Licenses

CTI directly funds employee membership fees and renewals for professional societies and licensures, and pays for registration and travel to association conferences. Our professionals are affiliated with and actively participate in dozens of industry associations, including being principal members of code-writing committees for organizations such as NFPA. CTI is staffed with Professional Engineers and other accredited individuals, allowing our Engineers-in-Training to acquire needed qualifying professional experience.