What to expect with the release of the 2022 GA Stormwater Permit

Upcoming changes with the release of the GA EPD 2022 stormwater permit that may affect/impact your facility:

  • Submit Notice if Intent (NOI) through Georgia EPD Online System (GEOS) within 30 days after June 1
  • Updated Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans within 90 days of June 1
  • Implement new permit changes within 180 days of June 1
  • 2022 Annual Benchmark Sampling must be conducted between July 2022 and September 2022
  • New indicator monitoring starts January 2023 for all permitted facilities. Sampling must be conducted during first half of 2023. TSS, COD, pH, & PAHs (for some sectors)
  • NetDMR reporting postponed until 2023
  • Quarterly material storage pile sampling (typically for TSS or COD) starts over with the new permit. (For facilities that were able to revert to annual previously, now have to start quarterly again)
  • Impaired stream sampling status/regimen stays the same with the new permit

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