A Word From the Founder

Conversion Technology Inc. (CTI) is celebrating its 30th year of business. For the last 30 years, CTI has been assisting our clients across the United States achieve environmental and safety compliance.
CTI began its existence as a firm that designed systems for the conversion of waste material to energy and other useful by-products. We completed the design and installation of a system that was fueled by cotton seed husks and was able to generate the energy required for the drying of raw cotton. This system converted the cotton waste to energy. This style of energy conversion was the origin of the name “Conversion Technology Inc.”

It was during the design stages of these systems that we had to address environmental problems associated with the systems, primarily air pollution control. This all occurred during the mid-1980’s when energy prices were falling sharply after the energy crisis in the 1970’s (a similar period as we are in now, after the energy crisis of the last couple of years. Another example of how history repeats itself). With the introduction of new environmental regulations, demand for environmental and safety consulting increased dramatically.

PH Haroz, the founder of CTI, decided it was time to switch from a firm that provided design services of systems that converted waste to energy into a firm to assist clients on the conversion of environmental and safety problems into feasible and practical solutions that were easy on the bottom line and compliant with government regulations. This is what CTI has been doing ever since.

CTI has run into many exciting and complex milestones along the way. This is mostly due to the ever changing and evolving regulations put on the industrial sector.  Despite this, CTI  has continued to support and help our clients in achieving and maintaining compliance.

One big milestone for CTI was when PH Haroz’s son, Adam Haroz, joined the staff after completing his education as a Mechanical Engineer, making this a family company that spans multiple generations. Five years later, Adam is now the manager of CTI’s Safety Department. Adam led the firm’s rebrand this year with our IT manager, Howard Marlow, who has been with CTI for 20 years.

To celebrate the milestone of 30 great years, we’ve undergone a face-lift of sorts to modernize our corporate appearance and update our materials to align with the growing client base and service lines offered.  While the outward appearance of CTI may have changed, our team is still as eager as ever to continue providing the best service.   We are excited to continue delivering the same level of proficiency in environmental, safety, process safety, and combustible dust consulting.

We are honored to have worked with you, our outstanding clients and friends, over the years. We look forward to continue working with you; thank you for the opportunity.
Adam Haroz and PH Haroz

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